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Ananda Lifestyle welcome to my world

My name is Andrea, I am the creator of Ananda Lifestyle.
Let's share the journey of yoga, this beautiful practice together.

Yoga is a lifestyle. Practice in a way which is gentle, balanced, giving, nourishing and free from attachments.

The Accountability Program

Yoga is a Lifestyle!
I meet many people and have honest conversations. I feel many of them struggle one way or another.  Trying to be healthier, take more ‘me time’, eat healthier, weigh less, be more flexible, less fatigue, more balanced, move more, sleep better, crave less and so on.  The list is endless.

Don’t you think it’s ironic in a health- obsessed society when we continuously bombarded with healthy choices yet loads of us suffer from different illnesses or diseases.

But all is not lost, we just need to be more mindful about our choices and practice self- love with more discipline. This often means you need someone who makes you accountable for your actions before the consequences do.

If you feel that your life is like ‘catch 27’ then my program is exactly what you need.

After an initial free discovery call, I can help you to create a lifestyle for you which fits in with your day-to-day routine.

What you receive from me:

  • 6 x 60 minutes yoga sessions weekly or fortnightly – tailored class to your needs
  • 6 x 30 minutes discussion time – talking through struggles and successes
  • Discount on my regular studio classes
  • Free Rise and Shine and Wind Down Sunday online classes
Book your free discovery call with me NOW!
Free Discovery Booking

Take your first class for free

Your first class is on me.
Join us to get a feel of the atmosphere of the sessions either online or at the studio.

Vinyasa Yoga

On my Vinyasa Flow class, you are guided to coordinate movements with your breath to flow from one posture to another.  The session is energetic, strengthening yet it is accessible for all. The class is very social, join us if you wish to be part of a great community.


Yoga and High-Intensity-Interval-Training combined!  You can benefit from the health results of both in one class.  You will leave this class feeling strong and energised, yet relaxed, ready for the weekend.

Chair Yoga

In this gentle hatha yoga class you are invited to move slowly and with awareness to what is appropriate to your body.  The class is chair based however we do stand up for strengthening and balance, also lie down for floor practices and relaxation. Anything what does not suit your body you can miss or do with modifications.  All are welcome!

Teen Yoga

Free Teen Yoga Sessions – Term Time Only
Yoga Sessions for young people aged 12 years upwards to help de-stress, build strength and flexibility in a fun relaxed environment.

Yin Yang Yoga

This Yin Yang Yoga class combines both elements, strength and stretch, movement and stillness into a well-balanced practice to experience the powerful effect of this synergy on our mind and body and to increase our energy and wellbeing.

Wind Down

Wind Down Yoga is designed to help you relax from the week behind you and make you feel good about the week ahead.  This yoga will prepare you for a restful sleep which is all you need for a better Monday start.

Sunrise Yoga

Rise with the sun and start your day on your mat.  You will be guided through different breathing practices, mobility and balancing practices, yin yoga, yin yang yoga and vinyasa flow.

Hatha Yoga

Suitable for beginners and those with experience. Options are available for everyone. The main focus of this session is awareness!  Awareness of your body, your mind and your breath and the connection of all.

Highly Rated and Loved by All

Walk into the day with your heart, mind and eyes wide open to anything new.

Join my many happy students - book with me now

Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation

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